Client: Private

Surface: 400m2 total

Location: Rmaimeen, Jordan

Status: Under construction

Year: 2016

The clients’ family highly values quality time with their extended family and large circle of friends. Their country house is destined to be the ideal place to invite all of their loved ones and host them for days at a time to savor special moments in their lives. Having spent years abroad in building their careers, the Rmaimeen hills provide the ideal spot for the family’s house of a lifetime.

A well-exposed couple, the clients knew that it was time to embark on an endeavor to build a family home paired with a neat and minimal design, aimed at making the very best of both time and space.

The house is a collection of major steps, acting as an amplification of the site’s natural slope. Its architecture is thought out within a square shaped outline. The pure shape is placed where a great part of the house is placed within the mountain and only certain volumes are manifested discreetly.

The hardscape is an integral part of the architecture where the outdoor social space is integrated into the study of forms. On the other hand, the vegetation is dominant in the design, with a wild and organic approach being adopted to simply maintain a mountain where the house is ‘built-in’.

The force of this architecture lays within the landscape itself and in its ability to provide the view for the house. The view is of prominent presence in every space and a permanent companion during any activity carried out within the home.

The social space is celebrated openly, fluidly, and continuously. There is no separation between indoor and the outdoors. It is a long, generous stretch that can be closed by windows when needed.

An impressive tree gives the impression of floating across the scene; an olive tree is the star of the scenery.

This architectural proposal for a country house involved closely accompanying the client and understanding the socio-economic dynamics that affect their decision-making. Hence, this project has been re-visited in an effort to protect the original design while complimenting it with a phased construction plan. The logistical scheme is meant to enable the family to start enjoying their land at the earliest opportunity, starting with a leisure day-use layout. As soon as finances usher us to proceed further, the rest of the project can be implemented to accomplish the overall program.