By collective Khamsa
Khamsa 2017 are Rand El Haj Hasan, Lama Natour, Majd Soudi, Tina Hakim and Khalid Al Bashir
Client: Greater Amman Municipality
Surface: 1000m2 total
Location: Amman, Jordan
Status: Competition Finalist
Year: 2017

The project is inspired by the local community and is based on the civic and socio-economic dynamics of Amman. This has been valorised in the design of the project in order to ensure the success of a diverse and pleasant park. People are meant to own the park, guaranteeing its sustainability. An innovative program should integrate and motivate the community. The local guarantee juridical tool (daman) allows entrusting users with precious spaces for free in exchange of the protection of the place. The park is designed to function as a super organism of mutual respect.

The human scale orients the design by prioritizing the handicap access throughout the totality of the surface. The democratic accessibility and the natural slope of the land are the principal factors behind the volumetric evolution.

The vegetal approach aims at the elaboration of a botanical garden, valorising the five natural habitats of Jordan.