Client: Lyon City Demain

Location: Lyon, France

Status: Work in Progress

Year: 2017

Essence is the design of an experience, a micro-architecture destined to halt time and charm the visitor.

Essence is a moment in the city, a right to stop, to breathe, to be. The importance in finding and living the essence of a moment is manifest in this micro-architecture through the characteristics of relevant materials and their capacity to celebrate the essence… of light.

The essence of light lies in the seven colors composing white light.

This micro-architecture is not about providing protection from the elements but about making the best out of them. The roof acts like a “sun catcher” on an architectural scale. The main material will be glass, with glass prisms carefully positioned to disperse the light into its seven colors.

The envelope developed here will transform a regular urban space into a magical experience. By meditating on the essence of light, the visitor enjoys the essence of a moment.