5 Days Building Competition

Location: National Fine Arts Gallery Park, Amman, Jordan

Year: 2016

‘Towers of Carton (No Glue, No Tape, No Staples)’ is a building competition that takes place annually in the School of Architecture of Paris-La Villette (ENSAPLV). The exercise has been developed by sculptor Marco Dessardo and architect/engineer Yves Rouby, who expanded architecture students’ thinking capacities by challenging them to reinforce modest carton through smart design, attaining unexpected heights to climb on Testing Day.

This 5-day event is based on a unique mixture of design, building, celebration, and sports and was specially organized for the first time in Amman during Amman Design Week 2016.

Sponsored by: Institut Français, ArchiArts Community, Kawamen, Falyou, Treks, Intercontinental Hotel, Air France.